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Brittany Chavez


My name is Brittany Chavez.  I am a registered yoga teacher, nutritionist and lover of life. My website is called FruiVitae, which means “Enjoy Life” in Latin. In today’s society, there is so much pressure to look a certain way. What this leads to is obsession with what we are eating and how much we are working out that we forget to enjoy our lives! My road to health and happiness has come with many obstacles and challenges. But, you live and you learn AM I RIGHT? Through it all I have learned that EVERYONE and ANYONE is capable of being both healthy and happy! I want to share with you my tips, tricks, and secrets to becoming the happiest version of yourself through living a balanced, nutritious, active, and adventurous lifestyle.  In essence, FRUI VITAE! Check out and subscribe to my blog to indulge in my tips, tricks and free recipes that will help you live your life healthy and happy!