5 G̶i̶f̶t̶s̶ Experiences To Give An Adventurer This Holiday Season

While tis’ the season to be jolly, tis’ also the season for a million of gift giving guides from every blogger under the sun. That’s great and all, but if your love language is more quality time or physical touch you may be left unsatisfied (No idea what I am talking about? Check out this link to one of my favorite books.) Instead of gifts to give, I came up with 5 experiences you can share with a loved one this holiday season.



There is no better way to say I love you more than a massage and a day spent in sauna or steam rooms. Maybe it’s because I am an athlete and desperately need a massage after 6 months of training jiu-jitsu, but spa’s allow you to relax and spend time together away from technology and other distractions. Top that off with a nice lunch or dinner as you watch snow fall outside and I would say you had one marvelous day. My top pick for a massage in Montréal would be Spa Vert, a place where you are able to customize massages based on your own individual needs. As an added bonus, they use only natural oils and eco-products. For baths, I would choose Bota-Bota. The refurbished boat offers spectacular views of the Old Port in a laid-back atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit this winter.


2. Unique/Ethnic Dining Experience

There is no better way to my heart than food. For that matter, there is no better way to ANYONE’s heart than food. There is no better way spend time with someone than over delicious, warm food and knowing you have no dishes to do after! Now, most people have a favorite restaurant that they always go to whenever there is a birthday or other special occasion. For example, my family always went to this French bistro called Mon Ami Gabi in Chicago for birthday dinners. I propose to do better than that. Instead of sticking to what is known, try an ethnic dining experience you’ve been meaning to try or a trendy restaurant you normally would never go to. In Montreal, with only the second most restaurants per capita in North America, I recommend trying East Africa Restaurant for Ethiopian food or o.NOIR, a fascinating conceptual restaurant where you dine in the dark.

Injera: Flexing On The Ethiopian Food

Injera: Flexing On The Ethiopian Food


3. Dance Class

Dance class either gets people excited or brings out one of their biggest fears. It’s just one of those activities people have strong opinions for or against. (Not in South America, where it is a way of life!) As the weather gets colder, you can learn a new skill before you head out on your next backpacking adventure. It’s great for meeting new people and who knows, maybe you’ll find that special someone. Regardless, you can learn sexy, Latin Dances or old fashioned Waltz. Whatever your cup of tea maybe, you can push a loved one out of their comfort zone and into a potential new hobby. I recently tried a Rhumba class at Centre Ballroom Dansesport and loved it! It was fun, sexy, and a great workout for my legs. Check out the video below for a teaser of what you will learn if you decide to dance the Cuban Rumba.


4. Surprise Getaway

With the end of the year coming up and many people having at least a week off of the holidays, what better way to jumpstart the break with a mini getaway to a city or cabin in the woods a short distance from your home city (Use this code to get $35USD when you sign up for Airbnb). There is nothing better than having someone be so excited, spontaneous, and passionate about something like a trip. You have no choice but to say yes! It is a great way to break up the tradition of the holidays and spend some alone time with someone special. Who knows you might just make someone’s day, month, or even year. I am dying to go check out Boston, who knows maybe that will be my next surprise getaway spot!


5. Tourist In Your Own City

Whenever I leave my beloved hometown of Chicago and return again, I always notice how much it has changed. Whether it be the new developments in my Lakeview neighborhood  or new clubs on Hubbard Street my Chicago friends upgraded from our old high school haunts, change is all I know now. That’s why whenever I go home now, I love playing tourist in my own city. Chicago has much to offer tourists (AKA me now). From the Chicago Architecture Foundation Boat Tour, the Field Museum, Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago , and the recently opened 606. If your like me and rarely visit your hometown, take the time to explore it when you go home this holiday break. I guarantee that you will see your city in a whole new way.

Playing Tourist In Chicago With  Anthony

Playing Tourist In Chicago With Anthony

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