Berlin: My Love Letter To The Hauptstadt

Dear Berlin,

We need to talk. Look, I know I haven’t been around lately and nearly as present as I should be, but I can’t push you out of my mind. I can’t get over what we had. We’ve been together for a total of 9 months on and off and the memories in my mind play over and over almost everyday. It’s not healthy, but it reminds me of all of the amazing times we’ve had together. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to see you for a week this past January, but I couldn’t not see you. We were too close and you invited me back with a warm and inviting hug despite the gloomy winter weather outside. Maybe it’s your bridges, contrasting old and new architecture, the amount of history you hold, or your overall energy. I love all of it, for better or for worse. Isn’t that what true love is supposed to be?


I can’t help myself. You were too good to me. I especially love the parts that others find ugly or miserable about you. I love discovering all of your abandoned secrets and my heart races every new street corner I turn. You introduce to new foods and you are quite worldly. You always are exciting and fun. I am never let down when I return to see you. You introduced me to all sorts of new friends from different corners of the world. You know almost everyone it seems! You even have a fan page on Facebook with over 1 million likes! Quite the celebrity aren’t you? I share you with a million other people and I don’t even care.. I haven’t even mentioned how beautiful you look, no matter the time of day or night. You have this grungy yet sexy appeal about you. I can’t put my finger on it, but it works like a charm on me. Sure, sometimes you don’t wear makeup and others comment how awful you look, but I think that’s when you look your prettiest. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  


With all that being said, I can’t tell you how frustrated you make me. You are unique that’s certain, I have found nowhere in Germany or the world quite like you, but that is also aggravating to me. You have your unique quirks and traits that make you... you, but it can become annoying living with you after a while. Sometimes (often) you forget to take the trash out. You can smell terrible at times. While you are always a blast, after doing too many drugs or drinking too much, you can become quite depressing to be around. You often choose to party over work or anything productive. That can become a drag over time and we haven’t even been together a full year yet. I am starting to question some things about you.


Berlin, I am not asking you to change because to be honest, I am in love with you and always will be. I don’t want you to change. I would rather you stay exactly how you are. I get excited thinking about you and I talk about you all of the time. So often that, sometimes my friends tell me to just go back to you and be reunited at last. They tell me they can see how big my smile becomes and how quickly I start talking when speaking about Berlin. I tell them they are right, but something holds me back. I think I could never trust you fully and this is why we can never be together. Forever. One might call us, “Star-Crossed Lovers”. I am not sure, but I am certain we could never live together again. I look forward to visiting you again soon, Berlin, but maybe next time I’ll be more low key. I’ll stay for another week, see how much you’ve changed, and be on my way again.

Yours Truly,



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