How To Stay Healthy When Clubbing (Guest Post: Ella Kim, Trekbible)

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Going clubbing is a popular activity across the globe. Many people see it as a chance to let loose and be wild for a while. Some, especially those who actively work on a healthy lifestyle, see it as a waste of time and an indulgence in bad habits. In reality, enjoying a night at the club does not have to be all about drinking and making poor choices. You can be fully invested in your health and fitness regimen, while taking part in the clubbing scene.


There are a variety of reasons to not let your fitness-centered life talk you out of clubbing. In fact, going out clubbing with friends can actually help your health and further your fitness goals. I know, shocking right? But just because you are changing your lifestyle to focus on fitness, that does not mean you have to stay at home while your pals go out without you. 


Rather than sit on the couch dreaming of hitting the club on a weekend, think about all the ways you could enjoy clubbing while improving your health and still maintaining your fitness goals. There are two ways in which going clubbing can help improve your health: intensive, fun cardio exercise and uplifting your mental health. In terms of your fitness goals, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a night out without having to drink tons of alcohol and ingest unnecessary calories.


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Quality Cardio Exercise

If you’ve ever been clubbing, you know the entire experience is centered around dancing and letting loose for a while. To get your heart rate up, spend more time dancing and less time standing around chatting. It’s simple really: the more vigorously you dance the more calories you burn. Even if you don’t have a huge repertoire of dance moves, simply moving to the beat helps keep your blood pumping. After a while you’ll work up a sweat and be burning calories, something you wouldn’t be doing sitting at home watching TV. 


If you and your friends are making a night out of it by visiting different clubs, walk the commute rather than calling a cab. Of course, this only applies if you’re in a populated, safe area of town. Walking to the next club gives you a chance to stretch your muscles that are sore from dancing, get some steps in, and breathe fresh air before going back into a crowded club.


Mental Health

Doing the same routine day in and day out can start to feel redundant. Giving your brain an opportunity to relax and just focus on having fun can vastly increase your mental health. Going clubbing is great for clearing your head and living in the moment. It helps break free of the monotony of day-to-day life. Relax, relieve some stress, enjoy spending time with your friends and you’ll be feeling more refreshed than before. 


Going out does not have to mean consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Consuming extra calories on one night just means you have to work harder and longer to achieve your fitness goal. So when you go out, look for ways to substitute alcohol with a healthier option. Many bars and clubs already have some healthy alternatives to alcoholic beverages, and many are updating their drink list to meet the rising demand for non-alcoholic choices. 


Fitness Clubbing

Below are a few simple options to substitute for alcohol on your next night out. Obviously healthy options differ from place to place; if you’re not happy with the choices at one establishment, simply check around at different locations for something that suits your needs.


1. Water – While not the most original substitute, water is always a great healthy drink choice. Many clubs have bottled water if you would rather not have the questionable tap water they serve. Or try something different and order sparkling water. Sparkling water quenches thirst like flat water, but has a fizziness that makes you feel like you are drinking something special instead of plain water.


2. Ginger - Most bars that serves alcohol have ginger drinks stashed somewhere. Opt for a ginger tonic or a ginger beer for a refreshing alcohol alternative with a bitter kick. Ginger is a great healthy drink option for any time since it’s been known to help reduce nausea, help with digestion, and boost your immune system. 


3. Hot Drinks – Although not everyone’s ideal bar drink, hot tea and coffee are options most establishments offer. Depending on how much cream and sugar you add, both drinks can be low in calories. Tea especially contains numerous health benefits depending on which type you drink. For those clubbers who need a cool, refreshing drink, try ordering your tea or coffee iced.


4. Ask Your Bartender – This seems rather obviously, but it happens to be the most important option to finding your perfect healthy club drink. Each bar will have their own specific drink menu, and nobody knows that menu better than the bartenders. They’ll let you know what healthy drinks are in stock, and probably be able to make you something original not listed on the menu.


Fitness Clubbing

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