San Pedro De Atacama, Chile: Gimnasio Municipalidad Review


Cleanliness: 3/5 Price: 5/5

Quality of Equipment: 4/5

Space: 4/5


Vital Stats:

Name: San Pedro De Atacama Gimnasio Municipal

Address: No address given, but in the town sports complex next to the soccer field. It is hidden in the back.


Monday- Saturday: 8:30h to 13h, 14:30h to 22h

Sunday: Closed

Day Pass Price: 2,000 Chilean Pesos (3 USD)

The Rundown:

In my previous post on San Pedro, “1,000 Reps, 7,875 Feet High”, I mentioned how difficult it was to find a gym. Well after searching for over an hour on a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and Google, I stumbled upon the Gimnasio 

Municipalidad. It had no given address, but I figured out that it was across the street from the giant soccer stadium and behind the main town plaza. I wasn’t sure if they even allowed non- residents to workout at the gym or how much equipment they even had. The next day I showed up at the gym at 2PM and it was locked. I wasn’t sure what time it opened or even if it would for that day. Luckily, I flagged down a local on his bike and in my broken Spanish, I asked what time the gym would open. He told me that it would open again in 30 minutes. Sure enough, at 2:30 the lady that worked at the gym came and opened it up. To my surprise, the gym was very nice for a town gym. At 2,000 Chilean Pesos for a day pass, the price was unbeatable. Plus, I had the whole gym to myself the majority of the time that I was there. The hours are a bit strange, but considering that most tours in San Pedro are either in the morning or afternoon, you can easily go to the gym before or after your tour for that day.

The floor was pretty dirty and looked like it had not be swept up in a while, but the equipment was fantastic. It had everything you needed for a great upper or lower body workout. It also had ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes for cardio. There was also tons of space. There was an area for weights, machines, and racks and there was another side for stretching or dancing (as one guy did for the whole hour and a half I was there blasting intense EDM remixes of Justin Beiber and Sam Smith). Overall, I loved finding this local surprise and I would go back again if I ever happen to be in San Pedro De Atacama.