Travel Sickness: Comeback Plan

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything, but it's been a whirlwind month. Not only has my computer backlight gone out and I have had complications as a result of that, but I also contracted a stomach infection while living for a month in Baños. This wasn't your normal bout of traveller's diherrea and I knew that after 4 days of non solid shits and stomach cramps. It was honestly some of the worst stomach pain I have ever encountered. Luckily, Ecuador has an amazing healthcare system (Not to mention I was one of the first patients served in Baños' new hospital) and after I was diagnosed with some sort of stomach infection, I was put on Ciproflaxcin, a strong antibiotic course that works in the stomach. After I started taking the drug, I Immediately started feeling better and could stand to hold some food. I was making great progress and even felt well enough to do a light lift two days later, but was stopped in my tracks by the side effects. I felt exhausted, achy, feverish, dizzy, dehydrated, and general malaise. The worst was excruciating jaw pain that I felt on the third day in my antibacterial course.
I would be lying if I told you I wasn't frustrated. I had a great week in the gym the week before as I was getting settled in Baños and joined D'Taurus ( gym review coming up on that in the future) and I felt I lost all the progress I was making. There was even a point where I felt a bit depressed and out of hope because I would feel better and all of a sudden have intense pain from the antibiotics. This experience would have been tough at home, but to have it happen 1,000's of miles away and in a different language compounded the issues.The biggest key though was to remain positive and remember what I have inked on my body: Ceci Passera Aussi ( This too shall pass)

The biggest takeaway I have from this post is to remember that traveling and fitness is not always the glamorous, sun soaked life you might see on Instagram. Sometimes you have pictures like these! Combining traveling and fitness is not easy and takes dedication even through the minor speed bumps that the road throws your way. I can look back now and laugh at everything that happened, but this experience made me more resilient and reassured me that I could handle anything traveling puts me through. It was absolutely a humbling experience and made more thankful for my ability to see the world and to be in good health.
For the fitness side of things, I have already been attacking my comeback plan and getting back in shape! I would love to hear your toughest ailment that you faced while traveling and how you regained the shape you were in. Comment below!