Five Fitness Faces Series: Bonny Lamare


Welcome to final post of this week, part 5 of my blog series entitled, "Five Fitness Faces". It is a collection of answers to questions that I asked of five fitness travelers that I have met all over the world from Germany to Sweden to USA, these five people embody what CarryOnTravelFitness is all about! For the final part of the series, meet Bonny Lamare.  We first met through Couchsurfing, at our host, Diego's house in Yumbo, Colombia, a small town outside Cali. We all would work out together at a local gym before going out to explore for the day. Bonny is part French/ British and has a wonderful energy. She is currently back home in Biarritz, France waiting to head to her next adventure, which is most likely some beach. Here is what Bonny said: 1.How do you stay fit? Any sports, lifting, Crossfit...etc?

I discovered crossfit a year ago and I completely embrace it as part of my life. I practice it on a regular basis and genuinely enjoy it. I also swim and surf as often as I can and enjoy mountain trekking.

2.How do you stay fit while traveling?

I am a naturally active and energetic person so it’s quite easy for me to stay fit while traveling. When discovering a new city, I’ll put my trainers on and will go exploring on foot rather than using public transportation. I never use lifts or escalators, I always go for the stairs. If there is a view point to reach, a mountain to climb or waves to surf, I’ll be there. Another thing: it’s great to use the weight of your backpack for working out – no need for gym equipment, just squat, lunge or do push-ups with your bag on your back and I guarantee that will do the work!

3.What is your favorite place that you have traveled to? Why?

I have left my heart in so many places, it is hard to pick a favourite.

However, one of my most treasured trips was in Northwest Argentina, in the Jujuy region which’s beauty can simply not be put into words. The endless maze of multi-coloured rocky mountains, white salt deserts that turn turquoise when it rains, majestic peaks of the Andes cordillera, scenic ravines, gorgeous vineyards, cactus fields, endless straight roads that turn blurry under the heat…the list is endless. And the best part? It is so immense, that you feel like you absolutely alone and get to witness the true silent beauty. I would go back there in a heartbeat.

4.How do you balance healthy eating while sampling the local cuisine while on the road?

I always make my way to the local market and stock up on fresh local products, mainly fruit and vegetables. I’ll aim to find accommodation with kitchen facilities in order to knock up some nutritious dishes. Throughout my travels I (re)discovered lots of superfoods and healthy dishes, such as purple corn, high in fibre and antioxidants, quinoa, sweet potato, acai, ceviche, many varieties of dark beans, various spices, giant avocados, a wide range of fruit and vegetables (some I had never even heard of before!), etc. So kitchen equipped, it’s easy to make nutritious meals full of flavours and goodness! Of course, it can be a little trickier when you eat out, especially when you are not a meat-eater. I have travelled to some countries where there is strictly no knowledge or interest whatsoever in nutrition and everything is triple deep fried or served drowned in sauce. I always try to adapt by asking for the sauce to be served on the side, or to have bigger portions of veggies instead of fries. If it isn’t possible, it’s no big deal, after all, it is all a question of balance and it is important to keep in mind that part of the beauty of travelling is discovering new cultures, products and customs, and testing traditional dishes. I just make sure I drink litres of water, enjoy some green detox juices to cleanse my body every now and again, and keep active!


5.What is your most embarrassing travel story?

I think every backpacker knows the struggle of doing laundry whilst on the road.

Well, one day, I decided to wash my underwear in my hostel shower and tied all my knickers to my backpack, so that they would have time to dry before I checked out and boarded the bus off to my next destination. Of course, while leaving in a rush, I completely forgot to put them away, and there I was, innocently walking down the streets with them all dangling being my back. Not only did I lose some on the way (you know Little Poucet leaving stones to mark a trail? Well I just modernised that to Little Bonny dropping G-strings….) but when I handed over my backpack to the bus attendant for him to put it in the hold, one pair managed to get caught in his chain bracelet. I can’t recall if the funniest/most awkward moment was struggling (for what felt like forever) untangling it, having the crowd around us whistling and clapping or dealing with this man’s winks and creepy smiles (for the entire bus journey!)

6.Solo Travel or Partner/ Group Travel?

I travel solo even though most of the time, I end up crossing paths with amazing travellers or locals and sharing part of the journey with them. The beauty of travelling alone is that intensified sensation of freedom, of flexibility and open-mindedness.

7.Any advice for someone that wants to stay in shape while they travel

I genuinely think it is all a question of balance. Be mindful of the way you nourish your body, without forbidding yourself to enjoy life; food, drinks, treats! And keep active, always. It is easier and easier to find free outdoor gyms, you can do walking, biking or running tours of a new town, go and exercise in a park, run on a beach; Make the most of travelling to try new sports, if you like partying, go and have fun shaking your booty on the dancefloor. If for some reason you are stuck inside, you can do HIIT exercises, use the furniture in the room of your ho(s)tel to workout, and with an internet connexion you’ll be able you can find countless video channels with fitness workouts… The options are endless.